Roger Williams Wins First CCC Men’s All-Sports Trophy Since 2013-14

Roger Williams Wins First CCC Men’s All-Sports Trophy Since 2013-14


by CCC Intern Khyrin Williams

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – The men’s teams at Roger Williams finished as the runner up in three of seven men’s Commonwealth Coast Conference (CCC) Championship events they competed in this year accumulating enough points to earn them their first CCC Men’s All-Sports Trophy since the inaugural award in 2013-14.

Roger Williams earned 50 points in the All-Sports Trophy tally giving it a 7.14 points per sport average. Endicott took home the prize on the women’s side.

The Hawks’ year started off with strong showings from the cross country and men’s soccer teams as both finished as the runner-up in their respective championship events in the fall earning them eight points each in the All-Sports Trophy standings. These strong seasons left RWU atop the table after the fall season.

Roger Williams maintained its hold of the top spot after the winter, thanks in part to adding seven points for its performance in the men’s basketball tournament. The Hawks then went on to become the runner-up in the CCC Baseball Championship Tournament paired with a strong showing in the CCC Men’s Lacrosse championship tournament, in the spring, helping them secure the All-Sports Trophy title. Five of Roger Williams’ seven men’s teams finished in third place or higher in the regular-season standings.

Endicott ranked second on this year’s table posting a 6.56 points per sport average jumping Gordon after winning the CCC Golf Championship.

Nichols was able to climb from fourth to third in the final standings of 2018-19. The Bison won a spring championship and finished as co-runner ups in another spring championship contributing 16.5 points to their 57-point total and leaving them with a 6.33 point average.

Western New England and Gordon completed the top five in the final standings with 6.17 and 5.33 points per sport, respectively.

Salve Regina had a 5.31 average to earn sixth place and was followed by the University of New England (5.00 points per sport), Wentworth (3.69), and Curry (3.64).


2018-19 Men's All-Sports Trophy Standings


Cross Country CCC Football* Soccer Basketball Ice Hockey* Baseball Golf Lacrosse Tennis Total Points No. of Sports AVG

(Total Points/No. of Sports)

Roger Williams 8 - 8 7 - 8 6 7 6 50 7 7.14
Endicott 5 7.5 6.5 6 5 6 9 8 6 59 9 6.56
Nichols 6 6 3 9 6 5 7.5 5.5 9 57 9 6.33
Western New England 2 9 5 5 3 7 7.5 9 8 55.5 9 6.17
Gordon 4 - 9 8 - 4 - 1 6 32 6 5.33
Salve Regina 3 7.5 6.5 3 8 9 - 3.5 2 42.5 8 5.31
U. of New England 9 4 4 3 9 - 4 2 - 35 7 5.00
Wentworth 7 - 2 3 4 2 5 3.5 3 29.5 8 3.69
Curry - 4 1 1 7 3 - 5.5 4 25.5 7 3.64
*CCC Football and CCC Men's Ice Hockey include associate members. Associate members are not included in the All-Sports trophy standings, but points are distributed as though they were (i.e. If an associate member wins the Championship Tournament, no school would be awarded nine points.)



The All-Sports Trophies have been awarded annually since 2013-14 to the schools that perform the best across the board in league competition.

In each sport, points are awarded based on CCC championship and CCC runner-up finishes in the conference tournament followed by the regular-season finish of the remaining teams. The CCC Tournament Champion receives nine points and the CCC Tournament runner-up receives eight points.

The regular-season finish of the remaining teams is used to determine the number of points awarded to each of those programs. The team with the highest regular-season finish, excluding the Tournament Champion and runner-up, receives seven points with the next team down receiving six points. The process continues until all teams have been awarded points. In the event of a tie, each tied team receives the average of the sum of the spots for which they are competing.

After the total points are calculated, points are then divided by the number of CCC sports that each school sponsors to arrive at an average score.

For sports that do not conduct a conference tournament, each teams’ place in the final regular-season standings or finish at the championship event are used to determine the allocation of points. Associate members are not eligible to earn points in the All-Sports trophy standings, but their finish is considered when determining the allocation of points for full members.

Starting in the 2017-18 academic year, the awarding procedure was amended so that any sport in which at least five core CCC members compete against each other in the same conference (even if that conference is not the CCC) would receive points in the All-Sports Trophy standings.



The Commonwealth Coast Conference (CCC), founded in 1984, is an NCAA Division III athletic conference comprised of nine full member and one associate member institutions throughout the New England region. Its membership aims to provide student-athletes with a positive experience in their pursuit of excellence through high academic standards, quality competition, and a meaningful student life. The conference administers championships in 18 intercollegiate sports.


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